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May 2016
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The Nature Therapy Center
offers different therapeutic and
educationsal-therapeutic programs
for varied populations.
We are known for our ability
to design unque programs that will
support and specific needs of each
client group.

Among our systemic and large scale programs:

Encounters in nature
A year long program for chldren with special needs. It takes place in schools for children with late development, autism, behavioral and psychiatric difficulties and with children with learning difficulties. Since 2002 hundreds of children participated in this program in may schools throughout Israel. It is authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Education. The program gained internation recognition through articles and research presentations.
see the following articles:
- Going of a journey - Nature Therapy with children with learning difficulties
- Building a home in nature - Nature Therapy with children with late development

A Safe Place
A year long program for children who were exposed to traumatic experiences. The programs was started in 2006  in collaboration with CSPC. It took place with more that 8000 kindergarten and school children in Israel. The program was recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Education and its Psychological services.
for more invormation see:
- the movie: A Safe Place
- Safe place -Nature Therapy with children who were exposed to trauma.

Building a home in nature
A program for families with communication difficulties (at risk). The programs was innagurated in 2005 and tens of families have participated in it.

The Journey to a Safe Shore
A three days workshop for mixed groups of Jewish and Arab Israeli youths aiming to develop positive communication and create space for a pluralistic and open dialogue. The program
has been taking place since 2005.