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May 2016
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The Nature Therapy Center is a
leading training center in the
field of Nature Therapy and related fields such as expressive and creative therapies, body-mind oriented psychotherapy and integrative therapies.
All trainings combine experiential and creative work with related theory.
Relating to the personal process of participants they conceptualize and teach relevant theories and frameworks.

Training taking place in Israel in 2009-2010

Nature Therapy - a diploma in group counseling
A two year's postgraduate training course given at Tel Aviv University and Shiluv Center-Haifa University (in Hebrew)

Nature Therapy with people that were exposed to trauma and ongoing stress
A 56 hours course for therapists and counselors. This course is based on the success of the Safe Place Program and the book that following. It takes place in Sapir College. (in Hebrew)

Nature Therapy with children with special needs
A 56 hours course for therapists and educators at Oranim College, Israel. This course is based on the success of the "Encounters in Nature" program. (in Hebrew)

Nature Therapy meets Drama Therapy
a 32 hours course that shows ways in which rituals, embodies and metaphoric work in nature can ecapnt the artistic and creative therapeutic process into transpersonal and meta-physical dimensions. The Institute for Dramatherapy, Tel Hai College, Israel (in Hebrew)

From the body to the word and the from word to the body
A 32 hours course for therapists and sounselors given in the body oriented psychotherapy training at Shilub Center-Haifa University, Israel (in Hebrew).

Beyond the words
A 180 hours course aimed to develop creative and mind-body-soul counseling skills in therapists and educators. It is based on the inter-modality of the arts and the integrative manner of nature therapy. El-Al Center, Israel (in Hebrew).

English speaking training
We are currently developing English speaking trainings, workshops and seminars in Israel and abroad. For further information, please contact our office.