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May 2016
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nature therapy in the banias

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Nature Therapy™ is a creative approach that takes place in nature. It relates to the bond between human beings and nature and to nature's healing elements incorporating nature into the process while seeking to expand it to additional dimensions.

Nature Therapy is being taught at Tel Aviv and Haifa Universities in Israel while international training programs are being developed.


About the Nature Therapy Center
The Nature Therapy Center was established by Ronen Berger in 2002. It is one of the leading institutes in the field of nature oriented therapies and in Nature Therapy in particular. The varied and large scale therapeutic and educational programs created and implemented by the center and the professional training it conducts as well as scientific literature published gave the Nature Therapy Center its international recognition. The Center is based in Israel and is currently developing programs abroad.

About Nature Therapy:

Nature Therapy is an innovative therapeutic framework that takes place through the direct and creative dialogue humans have with nature. It expands the classical concept of ‘setting' while developing concepts and methods that place nature as a partner in the therapeutic process. It connects people with their strength, supports change and healing while expanding the therapeutic process and actively engaging humans with nature. Nature Therapy is a post-modern approach integrating elements from different kinds of therapies, Shamanism, ecopsychology and Body-Mind-Spirit practices. Developed by Ronen Berger, and articulated in the published Ph.D. Thesis, Nature Therapy is put into practice with individuals, groups and families and receives a growing recognition by the health, educational and welfare ministries in Israel and abroad.

bout the Founder - Ronen Berger, PhD

Ronen Berger is the Founder and Head of the Nature Therapy Center in Israel. The creation and practice of Nature Therapy integrates his former occupations in the fields of ecology and nature conservation, drama and body-therapy, as well as dance and performance. Dr. Berger established and runs the Nature Therapy programs for children with learning difficulties and late development for the Israeli Ministry of Education in addition to programs for persons who have experienced trauma. He established and runs Nature Therapy taining courses at Tel Aviv University, Haifa University, Sapir College, Telem and Tel-Hai College, Israel. His research covers a wide range of topics relating to Nature Therapy challenging the place of physical touch, spirituality and spontaneity in psychotherapy, by developing issues relating to ecopsychology as it relates to the relationship between humans and nature. Dr. Berger uses creative and holistic methods in his therapy in nature. He is married with two children, residing in the North of Israel, in Kibbutz Snir.